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HUGE news to start 2020 off!

HUGE news to start 2020 off!

You guys!!!! I have the!!! I have been given the opportunity to participate in a 6 week private coach test group for a brand new Beachbody program being released and I am SO excited! Some of you are like  “Yay- cool, what exactly does that entail!?”  

So, over the next couple of weeks, I will be trying out this NEW workout program before it gets released to the public.  Myself, along with the other coaches in the group, have the ability to complete the workouts (from the convenience of our own home, of course), give our feedback, share our results, and ultimately have the chance to be featured in the promotion and advertising of this program when it launches!!! Say what! That’s AMAZING!

I literally had no idea that “test groups” even existed, until I heard another coach speaking on a podcast and sharing her own experience with how she ‘went all in’ during a test group and absolutely crushed it. She was then able to share this journey with her challengers and provide that first hand experience with how successful these programs can be… when you put forth the work, both nutrition and fitness related.

I instantly thought- I want to do a test group one day.  I want to have that opportunity to go all in, to commit myself to such a sought after experience, and then share my journey with others and provide them with the confidence and support that they too can be successful.  I secretly added ‘being a test group participant’ to my bucket list and I even mentioned it to Justin…

Well- when I received the email invitation for this test group I was blown away! I hands down accepted the invitation and told myself that this is my shot… my time to go all in, trust the process, and get the results.

So that’s what I’m doing- I’m starting 2020 off strong by going all in.  I have committed myself to these workouts. And I am diving deep into getting a handle on my nutrition.  (More to come on that later 😉) I will be doing the Ultimate Portion Fix during these 6 weeks, which allows me to properly fuel my body by following adequate portion control.  No restrictions, no crazy food lists or groceries, just good ol’ clean eating and portion control!

I will be sharing as much as I can with you guys as this journey continues and I’m so appreciative for your support! And I hope that in the spring you guys are ready to tackle this program with me when it’s released- because you better believe I will do it again with you guys!!

So here’s to 10 Rounds…I can’t wait to complete this program and then share it with YOU!

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