Navigating through my fitness journey by sharing with you


Hey there- and welcome to my Fit Little Life! My name is Megen and I’m a wife, a twin mom, a nurse, and a lover of all things fitness, peanut butter and coffee. My own ‘Little’ fit life is composed mostly of running, spinning, and healthy eats- but I am here to support you along your little fit journey- no matter what is .

Now a days there is no blueprint as to what a healthy body looks like, but what is available, is a ton of information related to health & fitness. Can it be overwhelming?! Absolutely! But my hope for this space is to provide you with specific information to help you discover, or build upon, your fitness journey. Through workouts, recipes, and basically everything else in between, I am here to share this journey of mine, while motivating and supporting you along the way. Thanks for visiting my site- now lets have some fun!